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Tile & Grout Demo with XL TC & XL GC!

This 5 second video shows quite impressive results achieved with our XL TC & XL GC products.

Thomas Johnson, Owner of Redefine Facility Cleaning in Asheville, NC, was called out to do a small tile & grout demo on for a customer. His secret weapon? XL TC Tile Cleaner & XL GC Grout Cleaner. After the demo, the customer asked, “When can we get this done?” And, as Thomas points out, “Those are the best words we can hear.”


  • Thomas first came in and used XL TC to remove any greases and oils on the tile and grout lines.
  • Once removed, he applied a diluted solution of XL GC to the grout lines and agitated it with a nylon brush.
  • He removed the slurry, impressed the customer and won the job.

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  • Interview Header

Interview: Jon Whittaker

jon wJon Whittaker has a passion for educating others in the carpet maintenance industry. In early 1992, however, carpet was the furthest thing on his mind when considering his next career move. After 26 years in the United States Air Force, a decision to settle close to family led Jon to New Castle, Pennsylvania and a job with the R.E. Whittaker Company, founded by his cousin, Dick Whittaker. Currently, as President of Jon Whittaker Consultants, he works with the carpet mills by focusing on their various recommended approaches to maintenance, including editing and writing cleaning manuals and guides, providing after sales support, and teaching carpet cleaning.

Experience Counts.

With nearly two decades spent at R.E. Whittaker, Jon collected a wealth of experience working with service providers, carpet cleaning end users and manufacturers. In that time, he’s seen a number of changes in the flooring industry and he believes the most significant industry shifts are in maintenance, especially the development, expansion and acceptance of interim cleaning, based upon the use of the dual cylindrical brush scrubber and dry crystalline cleaning solutions.
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  • Randy Weis Interview FI

Interview: Part 2: Randy Weis

We continue our discussion with Randy Weis, CEO of RD Weis Companies. Read the first part of our interview.

Your staff is everything.

Randy’s unique business perspective offers valuable insight on growing and maintaining a profitable company in the flooring industry. One of the key pathways to success is hiring for the long term. “I never like to hire someone for the immediate job at hand,” Randy states. He notes, “I’m hiring them for a job in the future that’s three or four levels above that job.” One of Randy’s most fruitful hiring resources is actually his current staff. “We’ve had the most success with referrals from other people that work for us,” he adds.

Another key component in the day-to-day operations, according to Randy, is flexibility. “We’re more concerned with what is getting accomplished each day and each week instead of arbitrary work hours or even coming to the office everyday.” He notes, “We have some people that work from home, some from the office. We’re pretty flexible on that.”

RD Weis is expanding!

At the beginning of this year, RD Weis Companies purchased CTS Flooring, a company that supplies flooring and installation on new roll-outs and renovations for national account retail chains. “It’s a niche business,” Randy explains, “and one that complements what we do today.” And, noting again the importance of quality staff, he describes the purchase as a talent acquisition. “The company had really good, solid people that had been doing this for years.”

On Purchasing CTS Flooring:

“It’s a niche business and one that complements what we do today.”

Always give back.

Although being CEO of RD Weis Companies requires a huge time commitment, Randy and his wife, Peggy, are also very involved in several charitable organizations. “I just feel it’s easy for people to say ‘I don’t have time to do this or I don’t have time to do that’ but I’ve always believed in helping those that cannot help themselves.”

One charity in particular where Randy and Peggy spend their time is The Pajama Program, which provides books and pajamas to needy children, specifically those in group homes. As an active member of the board, Randy is very involved with the organization. “We’ve been donating resources, trucks, and our time to this organization for about 14 years.”

Learn more about RD Weis Companies!

Founded in 1990 by Randall D. Weis, RD Weis Companies is a full-service flooring provider specializing in environmentally safe flooring solutions for commercial interiors.Headquartered in Elmsford, NY, RD Weis serves the needs of the corporate, healthcare, hospitality, retail, governmental and educational markets both nationally and internationally from six locations throughout the northeastern U.S. and in Detroit.

Visit RD Weis Today!
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Grout Cleaning Case Study

Check out these remarkable grout cleaning photos! Using a digital microscope, Steve Brown with Southeastern Commercial Flooring gets up close to capture amazing pictures of the grout before and after cleaning with XL GC.

Steve Brown:
“As you can see, the grout lines were pretty clean after using XL TC, but they didn’t pop. So using my digital microscope I could see that the grout had a dingy appearance which could have been from some type of grout sealant or could be from quaternary disinfectants. The pictures of the grout after using XL GC really show its true colors.”

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  • Randy Weis Interview FI

Interview: Randy Weis, CEO, RD Weis Companies

Randy Weis Headshot LRWhile others generally start their carpet cleaning career in college or by working in the family business, Randy Weis, CEO of RD Weis Companies, took a different path. He received his self-described Ph. D. in carpet at a corporate real estate career some 30 years ago. After experiencing significant carpet failure on a project, Randy turned to the flooring manufacturer for an education in carpet function, installation and maintenance and, ultimately, put that knowledge to good use when he opened RD Weis Companies, a full-service commercial flooring provider, in 1990.

Build and preserve your bonds with manufacturers.

Randy’s commitment to maintaining manufacturer’s suggested guidelines and procedures is at the core of RD Weis. Being deeply involved in the flooring industry on a manufacturing level has always been important to him. “I’ve been active in Starnet since the late 90’s and that’s given me a lot of exposure to the manufacturers,” he adds.

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How to Polish Concrete with the 3M Trizact System

Learn the step by step process to achieve a high shine and polish concrete floor using the 3M Trizact System and Stone Floor Protector.

Equip your team with genuine 3M products!

Discover a world of affordable, smart cleaning equipment and supplies, backed by practical advice and technical know-how, to enhance your building and transform your business. 3M™ provides facility managers and contract cleaners with innovative, sustainable high-value solutions to help protect a building’s life and enhance the performance and productivity of employees.

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  • Interview Header 050416

Interview: Joe Tuttolomondo, XL Brands

In business, Joe Tuttolomondo is the “turnaround guy”. He takes a company that is facing challenges, makes needed corrections, and sets the business on track for sustained growth and viability. “I am in my 36th year of business since graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater,” Joe says. He’s spent nearly 13 of those years with XL Brands. He mentions, “XL was certainly challenged when I joined around 13 years ago. That said, and with the help of a very functional and committed team, we have been able to earn and establish ourselves as the industry leader in private label as well as branded adhesive solutions for the commercial floor covering industry.”

Stay confident in the products.

When asked about XL Brands and what the company does, Joe explains, “Our primary wheelhouse is the custom formulation of adhesive systems and floor prep products.” XL Brands also focuses on premium commoditized adhesives that are often over engineered to compensate for installation challenges. Joe points out that customer confidence in the products is key. “It’s imperative that our products meet and/or exceed customer expectations associated with the successful installation of a variety of floorcovering chemistries.”

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  • Tri State Featured Image

Restaurant Carpet Maintenance Case Study

Tri-State Maintenance LogoTake a look at the difference made by Tri-State Carpet out of Wilmington, DE on a restaurant’s heavily soiled carpet! Bill Luallen speaks with Valerie Harrison of Tri-State’s maintenance division about the process used in achieving such amazing results.

Valerie, first I want to say that the pictures are worth a thousand words. What a difference your team made! Was this restaurant owner a new client of yours?

We’ve worked with this customer for a few years now, both in P&I and maintenance. They typically do twice yearly restoration services on their carpet.

Restaurants are typically tough as you don’t get to start the work until late at night. Also, they usually wait until the soil load is to capacity to get it cleaned. What process did Tri-State use to get such great results?

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  • Steve Spencer Interview Header 040516

Interview: Steven Spencer, State Farm Facilities Specialist

Steven Spencer, Facilities Specialist with State Farm, recently chatted with us to discuss best practices for flooring sustainability. With over 21 years of experience at State Farm under his belt, Steven has reviewed a lot of flooring specs and multitudes of maintenance proposals. Previous job experiences in healthcare, sales and hospitality place Steven in the “subject matter expert” category when it comes to cleaning and interior maintenance.

It all starts with picking the right product.

Floors that last a lifetime sometimes seem like an unattainable goal. But what is a lifetime in the flooring world? 5 years? 10? Is 20 unheard of? Not according to Steven. “We sign 20 year leases on buildings and we don’t want to replace the carpet until the lease is up,” Steven says. How does he do it? It starts with picking the right product.

What an architect or designer proposes for a space may be aesthetically pleasing and functional, but how much will it cost to maintain? The question of maintenance usually doesn’t get asked until after the floor has been installed and Steven believes that’s too far along in the flooring life cycle. Maintenance hits the bottom line and when you begin talking dollars and cents, managers start to listen. “They listen in money,” Steven says. “They talk in other things, but they listen in money.”
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  • Protecting Flooring Investment Header

Protecting Your Flooring Investment

Polymeric Films and Your Resilient Floor

Flooring materials have been around since humans began inhabiting buildings. For most of that time hard surface flooring materials have been comprised of natural materials; stone, wood and ceramic. These hard surfaces were often covered with textile materials such as carpets and rugs, which date back as far as the 5th and 4th centuries BC. Floor maintenance for these hard flooring materials would have been simply crude sweeping and a good dousing with water.

Resilient Floors

Ultimately, flooring material integrated textile materials such as canvas with water resistant natural oils and waxes; these were the first stages of the evolution of resilient flooring materials. Natural rubber flooring tiles were in use in the early 1800’s, but with limited success. In the mid 1800’s Frederick Walton invented linoleum, which may be considered the first real resilient flooring. Later asphalt tile entered the picture, but it was the invention of vinyl that firmly established modern resilient flooring materials and dominates the resilient flooring market today.

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